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Sarah! Sarah was one of our model reps this year. We photographed her sister and we were excited about photographing Sarah too. But, we ran into crazy weather and Colorado bugs — ouch! So — we had to delay some of the shooting to later in the year. But, when we did, we had a great shoot with Sarah in a fun variety of nature and urban locations and clothing. She did great and her family were looking forward to getting an album of images and another wall portrait to match her sister’s already on their wall. Thanks Sarah!

We had the opportunity to take senior portraits for a very talented and great guy–Ramon. Exceptionally talented in many areas in music…we got some really fun ones with that theme too. So–a fun mix of nature, urban,and music images. They loved them! Here are some samples in a slideshow.

Kaitlyn! We had an amazingly fun and positive photo shoot recently with a beautiful girl – Kaitlyn! This shoot was so much fun. We were able to get great variety of images in a variety of locations and clothes too! What a wonderful and positive family…here are some samples from the shoot in a slideshow…